Today tourism is done online

In recent decades, tourism has gone through several phases of change and its current evolution has been driven by global events such as the advent of the Internet, the destruction of the Twin Towers of New York and the world crisis.
These facts have radically changed the way travelers plan and purchase their holidays: the web is now an unavoidable sales channel and, in the near future, it will inevitably be the only one.

The visibility and effectiveness online have rather high costs for small businesses: in addition to the costs of development, evolving technology and increasing complexity of the mechanisms of promotion must be taken into account. The management of this aspects requires specific skills and resources.

Hubcore is the all-in-one software solution for tourism, developed to allow small and medium-sized online travel operators to invest time, capital and human resources on what they do best: tourism.

Hubcore simplifies the front end and back end management and data are collected in a single easy to use control panel. In this way, the need to use different software and professional resources are avoided, costs that a small or medium sized agency can hardly afford.

With an annual fee that is accessible and adaptable, hubcore gives the opportunity for small and medium-sized travel businesses to compete in the online world of tourism with the same "weapons" as the big sales channels, who have been investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology development, using the support of the best professionals in the industry.

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